HelpGiant’s 9 Community Rules

HelpGiant’s 9 Community Rules

The following rules are in place to ensure that our users are protected and help us to maintain a safe, trustworthy and productive community. The rules will be enforced through constant monitoring by HelpGiant staff and by the reports/findings from users of the HelpGiant community that see or experience any suspicious activity.

If we do find that users are not following these rules, HelpGiant reserves the right to remove posts, restrict usage, and in serious cases remove accounts or ban users. Our HelpGiant community relies on trust and security and so we have an allocated team to ensure that these rules are always followed.

1. Unacceptable Behaviours

1.1 Violence

Violent comments/messages or actions through the HelpGiant platform will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to any discriminatory behaviours between users.

1.2 Harassment

Harassment between users will not be tolerated on the HelpGiant platform. Any users that use interactions that distress other users with unwanted/inappropriate comments, as well as persistent communication aimed at the attempt to influence other users will be removed.

1.3 Illegal Behaviour

HelpGiant will be actively monitored, any users that are found to commit unlawful behaviours through the platform will be banned from using our services and in more serious cases reported to the authorities.

1.4 Discrimination

HelpGiant has a zero-tolerance policy towards any type of discrimination. This includes discrimination through public and private messaging as well as in person interactions between users.

2. Pricing

2.1 Offers

Offer prices must be the full amount for the task. The offer price at this stage cannot be hourly, or quote based. Partial quotes for further negotiation outside of the platform are not supported. Should the price be re-negotiated for whatever reason, then the original task should be cancelled on the app and a new task created with the revised price. This may attract a small admin fee due to bank refund fees.

2.2 Pay through HelpGiant / No external transactions

The HelpGiant Platform does not support cash payments. We have our own secure system that holds the payment in a Trust until the task is complete to ensure that users are paid safely. Payments will be held in our trust until the Poster (Hirer) confirms that the task has been completed. This provides a safe payment platform that protects both the Poster (Hirer) and the Helper.

Transacting outside of our platform creates payment protection risks for both the Poster (Hirer) and Helper. For your safety, please transact within our app at all times. Helpers may not ask the Poster (Hirer) for separate transport money, since all costs related to the task must be included in the price agreed within the application. Users found trying to bypass our app may at our discretion be blocked from using the platform in the future.

2.3 Accurate Bank Details

To make sure that this process runs as smoothly as possible it’s important to be responsible to provide your correct bank details for payment. This is the sole responsibility of the Helper to ensure that they have provided their details correctly.

3. Accountability

3.1 User Reputation

As user of HelpGiant, once your offer is accepted it is important to remember that you are accountable for your reputation as a Helper or Poster (Hirer) and the reputation of the HelpGiant community. Any third parties to that will not be accountable for the reputation of the user.

3.2 Task Outcomes

As a Helper, once your offer is accepted by the Poster (Hirer), you remain accountable of the outcome of that task. Also, as a Helper if you request the assistance on a task from others, they must also have a HelpGiant account and full information about the other Helpers must be made known to the Poster (Hirer). However, the accountability of the Task remains with the original Helper that made the offer that was accepted.

4. User Account Rules

4.1 Account Transfers

It is forbidden to transfer your HelpGiant account to another user. It is strictly the responsibility of the person who is verified and the direct user of the account. It is important for us to enforce this rule as it is fundamental in keeping our user community safe by keeping a trust-worthy system.

4.2 Duplicate Accounts

User accounts are designed to represent an honest view of a user reputation, so that users can take into consideration all the information available when choosing who to work with. For this reason, it is against our policy to for users to have more than once HelpGiant account. If any user is found with duplicate accounts, any duplicates will be taken off our system.

5. Unsupported Practices

5.1 Fake Jobs for Profile Improvement

To keep the system fair and trustworthy HelpGiant is strict on keeping user accounts reviews and completion rates honest and accurate. Users to be found manipulating their scores in anyway will not be tolerated. This behaviour can be spotted easily within our system and our team are looking out for this to make sure that we are keeping our community fair and safe.

5.2 Fraudulent reviews

To ensure trust and transparency within our community, it is important that all reviews are clear, honest and can be relied on. For this reason, it is not acceptable to create or request fraudulent reviews on your account.

5.3 Posting advertising

It is prohibited to use the HelpGiant platform to create posts for other businesses. Posts are for those looking to hire, for specific tasks. It is possible to make a bid on a task as a business however if we see posts that are clearly not a task/job and instead posted for self-promotion the post and the user account will be deleted and blocked from our platform. This is important as we want to protect our trusted uses from spam.

6. Private information

It is important not to share your private information publicly on the HelpGiant platform. We do not support users using any extra methods of contact outside of the HelpGiant private message system. Information such as your address for the Job should only be given once you have carefully selected your Helper. This ensures your safety as we can monitor or terminate any unwanted contact should a user break any of the HelpGiant contact rules.

7. Legal User Eligibility

7.1 Age restrictions

Users must be 18+ to use HelpGiant as this is the age that a user must be to enter a legal contract with HelpGiant.

7.2 Working Rights

Helpers must be legally qualified for tasks that require a specified qualification, they must also not work against any legal working restrictions that might apply to them.

8. Identity

Users must be honest in their identity and be verified to at least a bronze level of verification to bid on or accept a task.

9. Preparation

9.1 Tools and Transport

Helpers must have their own Tools and/or transport that are necessary to complete the task, unless an agreement was made with the Poster (Hirer) prior to the task being assigned to any Helper.

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